Outfit of the night 1 !

jeudi 16 février 2012

Hello Dolls ! I wanted to write this post to thanks all the people who vote on our survey and because of that we will post more pics about our outfits and maybe a Q&A ( because it was also asked by you guys) .. but not now!

Here's my outfit of yesterday night . I went to my brother's apartment , he just left the familial house so it was a little bit weird but we had fun because we celebrate the fact I managed my therory driving ! About my outfit , I really love this top from H&M it is really elegant and comfortable to wear. About the pant I was really surprise to found this jean from Kiabi , because this brand don't have great clothes so.. maybe this is the only exception ;).

 About my face.. Well as you can see there's no picture of my head , thanks to my tired/stressed/nomakeuped face ;) .I'll go back to study my philosphy.. Good evening dolls ! Muah !

Emily P.

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