dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Here we are dolls! In this HUGE world which is the world of blogging. First of all, we want to welcome you in our blog which is going to be a little adventure for both of us. We're going to show you all a little part of our life, our passions, our travels and much more is coming soon! 
Before starting this adventure, we want to introduce us! 
We're two friends, Rafaela & Emily. We have 21 and 22 years old and we have lot of common passions like this one: Bruno Mars. Which brought us together but you'll see later. Our other common passions are horses, photography, explore the world and the world of shopping like all girls who respect themselves. We know each other for over a year, each one of us living in a different country. Emily lives in France, near Paris, while Rafaela lives in Switzerland, near Lausanne. For over a year, our adventures have increased. Travels, concerts, giggles, tears but also a great friendship is born. I hope you'll have some fun following our trips & our daily life!

Stay tuned dolls!

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  1. thank you, emily, for your comment!
    i hope you had a nice trip to NYC! I read in your introduction, that you're living near to Paris. I think I am going to visit it soon because of my agency! :)



  2. Wow, I just saw your comment on my blog and didn't expect I'd be this amazed by your posts, photos and blog in general! I followed, as expected :)
    Hope you'll visit mine back soon :)

    OneNiceFashionBlogger. xx

  3. Belle découverte ! J'aime beaucoup votre blog Les Filles ! Je vous souhaite une très bonne continuation <3

    Bisou ,



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