SMILE TO THE LIFE Most of the people who know me, know that I'm like the most positive person on earth. Even in the really bad days, I always find something to cheer me up. And when I wake up and see the sun shining outside, it gives me even more happiness. I know, I don't need that much to put me in an ''happy mood''. So today I went, once again, to my mom's store. I love spending time with her. I can always talk about everything and laugh. She's the best remedy ever! So yes, as I promised to you in my last post, I made another outfit post but I'm a little disappointed with the result. The more I look at the pictures, the most I hate this outfit but I promised you to put something so here it is. This afternoon, I spent some time at fashiolista and I thought: ''If only I could have all my wish list as my closet, I could make some great outfits!''. But unfortunately I don't have it at all but who knows? Slowly, I'm going to buy some of those things and try to have my perfect closet. * cross fingers * Hope you liked the post dolls and don't forget to scroll down the page to see Emily's new post about the AMAZING Rita Ora!

Rafaela G.

Jacket: Unknown - Ebay
Top: Free People
Pants: H&M
Boots: Chez Eva
Bag: Balenciaga
Ring: Melinda Maria Pod
Sunglasses: RayBan

U know you're only in it , Cuz it's hot right now, hot right now... Oopsie , sorry .. I sing to loud that's it ? All right , today I wanted to talk about music on our blog , because obviously it's about fashion but other things too! And I'm here for the rest ! So let's talk about the lyrics which start the article , it's from the song "Hot Right Now" by Rita Ora.

  Okay guys let me introduce this beautiful women with few words. Rita , 21 years old ,  is signed to Roc Nation . She is from Kosova but based actually in UK. She collaborates with a lot of people : Drake ( she was in his video clip called "Over")  , Jay-Z , Tinnie Temprah , Will.I.Am and many others..

To be honnest , I know this lady because of Bruno Mars (who is one of my favourite singer.. Well he's my fav.) and few months ago there was a rumour about the fact they were dating each other , so yeah , I wanted to know who this lady was . Yes , I'm curious.

And now I'm get over this thing and appreciate her talent , her style ( even if I could never wear her clothes !) , the way she handles it while she's only 21. 

Enough talk right ? Take a look at her songs , here's my favorite songs by Rita Ora , young London girl from Kosovo.

I hope you guys like this article , an another article is coming tonight so stay here !

 Much love , 


BIG DAY. Remember this post when I talked about the fact that my mom was about to open a shop? Well, today was the opening day! And what a day! It's was really funny to do it because people couldn't stop without taking a look at the showcase and few people came to congratulate us about the decoration of the store and especially the idea of ​​opening a store with such beautiful clothes for children. They totally gave us a HUGE smile on our face for the rest of the day. Some people came with their children and bought some cute things and for a first day, it was pretty good. About the other pictures, it just random places where the shop is and it's really close to the lake. When we were going back home, there was a beautiful sunset and the sky was just .. Wow! Breathtaking as you can see in the pictures. I know I didn't post pictures about my outfit so I decided to at least post about the accessories I used today but tomorrow I'm totally thinking about doing an outfit post! Have a good evening dolls!

Rafaela G.

Bag: Balenciaga
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
Sunglasses: RayBan

HOLIDAYS! Finally! It's time for some holidays for me! Well, actually I'm going to work like all the week but it's ok! At least it's to save some money for some crazy things that are going to happen this year! Today, the weather is looking so good in Switzerland and I was on the mood to put some red lipstick on my lips and wear my fav' leather jacker ever! So as you can see, it's finally an ''outfit post!''. Hope you'll like it as much I liked doing this shoot for you dolls! I also decided to show you some more new goodies I bought friday. I only went to H&M and I wanted to buy like EVERYTHING. I swear, I love this shop too much and I should stop going there for the healthy of my wallet! So yes, as you can see, I bought two new pairs of jeans. I think H&M's jeans are so comfortable and they fit me so well and I couldn't resist to take them. The orange shorts you can see bellow are like my new favorite shorts ever. When I saw them I fell in love with them and right now, I can't wait until summer to wear it! I also bought a new cute T-shirt and the most comfortable cardigan! I hope you're having a good Sunday! 

Rafaela G.

   Outfit of the day:
Zara leather Jacket
H&M jeans
H&M top
Balenciaga bag
Avant Première shoes

Hello Dolls ! Today I wanted to talk about blazers because I bought one yesterday.. I mean , those jacket are  very class and permite to have a lot of style with pratically nothing : you just need accessories ( jewelry, pretty scarf ..) Here some outfits and a picture from a great website to learn how to wear your blazer!

From Zara :

Asos :

From THIS website

And mine :

Jacket - H&M
Shoes- River Island 

Have a great Saturday night dear readers ! See you very soon for a new post !