jeudi 10 mai 2012

The sun is finally back ! For a short day yes but it's better than nothing ! I decided to show you how I was dressed girls , because you voted few weeks ago ( even month ago ? ) for what do you want to see the most on Pretty Tiny Things and.. we don't really have the time to respect it . So here we are , this is my outfit of the day , Rafaela's will coming soon ! About the quality of the photos , well it's because I didn't take the photo with my Canon reflex but with my Iphone but I hope you can see the details of my outfit ! It is very simple but also elegant , the coulour of the top is in reality mint and it's gorgeous ! I'll buy a cutie dress from H&M of the same colour and I already have a Zara jacket on mint colour.. Well , as you can understand I'm in love with this colour !
Have a great evening Dolls , and once again , thank you for stoping on Pretty Tiny Things!

Cardigan : Forever 21
Top : H&M
Jean : Vintage
Shoes : H&M
Bag : Minelli 

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  1. I love your little shoes they are so cute! Great look xx

  2. lovely outfit..im glad the sun is shining wherever you are!:)


  3. Very cool and interesting styling :) ) Add to Watchlist .

  4. J'aime beaucoup ton blog
    Je m'inscrie :)
    Si tu as le temps viens voir le miens



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