dimanche 1 juillet 2012

LIFE THOUGH PICTURES. Instagram is now such a big part of my diary life. I love sharing some pictures of my everyday life with some of the people who are following me and at the same time see some of other people pictures. It's crazy how people can shoot such beautiful pictures from a simple object like an iPhone right? Sometimes I can be totally surprised with some beautiful pictures people make. For the ones who want to follow my Instagram here's my username: rafaelagama and for the ones who want to follow Emily's beautiful Instagram account: emilyypx! Enjoy your Sunday evening dolls .. Oh and GO ITALY! ;)

LA VIE A TRAVERS DES PHOTOS. Instagram fait à présent partie de ma vie quotidienne. J'adore partager quelques photos de ma vie de tous les jours avec les gens qui me suivent et au même temps j'adore passer du temps à regarder les photos d'autres personnes. C'est fou de voir à quel point les gens arrivent à faire de magnifiques photos à travers un simple object comme l'iPhone non? Parfois, je me surprends avec des photos magnifiques que les gens font. Pour ceux qui souhaitent me suivre sur Instagram, voici mon nom: rafaelagama et sans oublier l'Instagram d'Emily: emilyypx! Je vous souhaite une agréable fin de soirée .. Oh et ALLEZ L'ITALIE! 

Last day at school. It was an amazing moment to speak about all this crazy past year together.
A year ago in Barcelona. I just miss that city so bad! One of the most wonderful cities I've ever been until today for sure!
Last tuesday outfit when I went to city center to see one of my closest friends.
 Enjoying my new knit while the weather was getting creepy outside!
 Say ''Hi'' to my creepy cat.
 A random yummy breakfast.
 Another one.
 This was a few weeks ago when Portugal won the game after Danmark I think. I was just crazy to see all the portuguese community celebrating together. I totally felt like I was in Portugal for a moment. Just crazy! My bad they didn't passed, but I'm still so proud of them! :)
 New little ''sale'' goodies. How cute are them?
 A week ago. I can feel that pizza taste in my mouth right now. So yummy!
 Beautiful sky after a family time.
First time I ate sushi out and it was really good!
Can you find out what I'm going to wear this summer?

11 commentaires

  1. Really pretty photos! I really like those little "collections" of random photos. Great post!
    xo Jo

  2. wow! amazing photos! have a nice day xoxo;)

  3. j'aime ton blog également, je suis d'accord pour te suivre ! :)

  4. J'adore les articles instagram!

  5. I love instagram too! great photos! i especially love the one with the kitty on the hat boxes<3

  6. Brilliant post!!! :-) Said it before but great blog. Keeps me coming back for more! :-)

  7. amazing pictures, lovely :) you are sooooo... beautiful and I adore your outfit and the dress, which suits you perfectly!
    the cat picture is so cute! a really lovely moment :))

    xoxo Rebekah

  8. Hey !
    Waou, les photos prises avec instagram sont vraiment très jolies :). J'utilise moi aussi l'appli pour iphone, et c'est vraiment hyper génial, pour embellir les photos prise avec un portable, les couleurs ressortent très bien !

    Bisous, et à bientôt, may.

  9. Mmmmmmmmh des sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis !!!!!!!!!!!


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