samedi 16 février 2013

AS YOU MAY KNOW, next month I'm heading to London to spend some good time ( but also the last one before my final exams ) with my school mates. I'm so looking forward to see London town once again because this town as such a special feeling for me. First, because it reminds me so many good memories from my first trip abroad with Emily and then because .. C'mon .. It's LONDON! Who's not in love with this town? 
The little goodies you can see below are the ones I'd love to take back home from London. Who knows? Maybe I'll take some of them! * Fingers crossed * 
I know that I'll take some other goodies as some Victoria's Secret products. I won't leave London without something from one of my favorite brands. Believe me!

COMME VOUS LE SAVEZ, le mois prochain je vais me rendre à Londres pour passer un peu de bon temps ( mais également le dernier temps avant mes examens ) avec mes collègues de lycée. J'ai tellement hâte de revoir Londres à nouveau parce que cette ville m'offre un sentiment spécial. Premièrement, parce que ça me rappelle beaucoup de bons souvenirs de mon premier voyage avec Emily et ensuite car .. Oh allez .. C'est LONDRES! Qui n'est pas amoureux de cette ville?
Les bonnes petites choses que vous pouvez voir en haut sont celles que j'adorerais prendre avec moi dans ma valise au retour de Londres. Qui sait? Peut-être que j'en prendrais quelques unes! * Doigts croisés *
Je sais aussi que je prendrai d'autres souvenirs comme des produits de chez Victoria's Secret. Je ne partirai pas de Londres sans quelque chose de l'une de mes marques fétiches. Croyez-moi!

Rafaela G.

Bath products : Philosophy
Studded boots : Topshop
Bikini : River Island
Bag : Topshop
Sequin top : Topshop
Leather skirt : Topshop

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  1. Great wishlist! I would love to have this leather skirt too. Have fun in London!
    xo Jo

  2. Great selection darling! Those shoes are amazing! I have never been in London before, so I'm planning a trip to go there :) Have much fun!

    I'm hosting a give-away on my blog maybe your interested?


  3. I love London. I travel there every year. so have fun!
    Nice bikini!

  4. Great post, I like your blog. What do you think about following ech other. Let me now and have a good time in London. ;)

  5. I wish I was in London at the same time as you!! I hope you have a wonderful trip! If you see a TK Maxx you could look in there for some philosophy products, I saw some on sale at the weekend!


    Five Minute Style 

    1. Thank You sweetie! Ohw I wish I could see you too! But I know one day we'll have the chance to meet each other!

      And thank you so much for the infos about the philosophy products! I'll check it out!

  6. sympa cette tenue ! Londres est une capitale magic, je l'adore !


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