mardi 7 octobre 2014

 Sunny day, happy day! // I finally decided to start Your Tea which is a detox tea which helps to give more energy and to feel less bloated. Such an amazing product!

Perfect kinds of mornings. // Some colorful flowers for my mom's birthday.

What a kind of afternoon blogging looks like. // Peaceful walk along the Leman lake. What a view!

Some memories from May when I went to beautiful Venice! This gondola tour is such a must to do! // Some of my new goodies for this fall! 

As a horse lover, a few weeks ago, I got the chance to go to the Longines Global Champions Tour as my birthday gift from my boyfriend and guess what? I got the chance to see Guillaume Canet which is not only a great french actor but also a great rider! I was so happy to see him! // Early birthday present, can you guys guess what it is?

A snapshot when I was in Sardinia! I miss these kinds of afternoons at the beach! // Birthday girl selfie!

My ''holidays'' pose. I loved this part of Italy so much! // Yummy pasta with my boyfriend!

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