vendredi 8 mai 2015

Portuguese Chorizo! Yummy! // Back from Milan!

This has already been a few weeks that there wasn't this special post about Instagram pictures on the blog! Here are some pictures taken from my personal instagram (@rafaelagama) but remember that the blog also has its instagram. (@prettytinythings) Be sure to follow our blog instagram as Emily is right now in Praha!

Cela faisait dejà quelques bonnes semaines qu'un article spécial Instagram n'avait pas refait surface sur le blog! Voici donc quelques photos prises depuis mon instagram personnel (@rafaelagama ) mais n'oubliez pas que le blog a aussi son instagram. (@prettytinythings ) N'hésitez pas à suivre à présent l'instaura du blog vu qu'Emily découvre Prague en ce moment!

Rafaela G.

My lovely Ayda! // My traditional travel picture in Porto!

Little walk with Ayda. // New shoes coming soon on Pretty Tiny Things!

Atlantic ocean! You can't imagine how good it is to smell the ocean! // New in from Delta !

So blessed to have this boy in my life! <3 breathtaking="" font="" from="" switzerland.="" view="">

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  1. Such cool photos !

  2. Beautiful pictures!

  3. The bottom left picture is sooo cute :)

  4. awesome ;-)

    new post

  5. WOW really good pics!! So beautiful. I love them you look so pretty =)
    Kisses from Spain babes. Have a nice weekend ;)

  6. wonderful pictures :) xo babsi

  7. Amazing pics <3
    I love your blog and your writing :)

    Kisses from Germany <3


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