mardi 7 juillet 2015

Today I'm gonna show you a rather special article.. Since November through June I had the chance to take care of a horse whose name is Ayda. You must know that I have a great affection for these animals since a young age and have been given the opportunity to be able to handle it was a real pleasure. Here is a series of pictures taken with Ayda which have not been easy to take. Firstly because it was a day where all the flies were out and the horse couldn't stop moving and then because these photos were taken with my new Canon 5D which means that they are not always on top, but that will come with the habit!
So here is a rather simple outfit for a summery day! Above all, do not forget to hydrate yourself with the heat which is in Europe right now!

Aujourd'hui je vous ai concocté un article assez spécial. En effet, depuis le mois de novembre jusqu'à fin juin j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir m'occuper d'un cheval qui se nommait Ayda. Vous devez savoir que j'ai une grande affection pour ces animaux depuis mon plus jeune âge et avoir pu avoir la possibilité de pouvoir m'en occuper a été un réel plaisir. Voici donc une série de photos prises avec Ayda qui n'ont pas été faciles à prendre. Premièrement car c'était un jour ou toites les mouches étaient de sortie et du coup le cheval bougeait énormément et ensuite car ces photos on été prises avec mon nouveal Canon 5D ce qui fait qu'elles ne sont pas toujours top, mais ça viendra avec l'habitude! 
Je vous présente donc une tenue assez simple pour un jour estival! Surtout, n'oubliez pas de vous hydrater avec la chaleur qui parcours l'Europe en ce moment! 

Top from Italy / Gap shorts / Lack of color hat / Haily's kimono / Haily's bag / Converse shoes / Rayban shades / Tara Style rings

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  1. beautiful horse.


  2. Nice top. Adorable pictures!


  3. Such amazing photos !

  4. Lovely ;) amazing

  5. you are amazing!
    such beautiful photos!!

  6. Horses are such pretty animals. :) I was never reeeaaally interested in horses, but I still think they're beautiful and so nice to look at.

    And your outfit is really nice as well. The hat goes perfectly with it :)

  7. Really beautiful pictures and those horses are so pretty :)

  8. i love horses *-*
    Pretty pictures :D
    With Love,

    Girly World

  9. Beautiful pictures!

  10. Oh, it must be wonderful taking care of Ayda! I'm a huge lover of animals too and I'd love to take care of different kinds of animals one day, but for now, I'm stuck with a bunch of silly cats whom I love very much, haha. I love your top, by the way!

    May • THE MAYDEN

  11. The horse is sooooo cute and the pictures, just like the tittle says, are magical ..

    xoxo ♥ |

  12. dear rafaela, thank you so much for your article! it's great - <3 it..

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