jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Here is the second part of the photos of my stay in the American West coast! Today, I'm taking you over the road from Bryce Canyon, crossing Las Vegas, Yosemite and finally one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited: San Francisco! I hope the photos will please you!

Voici la deuxième partie des photos de mon séjour dans le grand ouest américain!  Cette fois-ci, on reprends la route depuis le Bryce Canyon, en traversant par Las Vegas, le parc Yosemite et pour finir l'une des plus belle villes que j'ai pu visiter: San Francisco! J'espère que les photos vous plairont! 

The Bryce Canyon is such a magical place full of story. My bad we hadn't much time to spend there!

I've never though I would love Vegas but well .. It's one of the craziest and amazing cities I've ever been to! If you guys haven't been there yet, you should consider about going!

Calico or the ghost city! This city is still plunged in the 1890s! Only the cowboys were missing there! ;)

Even though Switzerland is full of beautiful landscapes of mountains and forests, the Yosemite park is full of magic and made me forget about the swiss mountains! Seriously, look at these landscapes! Breathtaking!

Well, let me talk about this wonderful city in which I could totally spend my whole life. I mean, I'm so sad that I only got the chance to spend less than 24 hours there but San Francisco took my heart. This city is full of history and of beautiful architecture. I haven't got the chance to see The Ladies but well .. Next time I'll spend for sure more than a day there and I hope that I'll get the chance to discover more about this wonderful city!

I finished the road trip over the Californian coast. What a beauty to see some dolphins across the pacific ocean!

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  1. beautiful place! lovely post. :)

    Keep in touch!

  2. Beautiful places! :) love the pics

  3. Loved the pictures, they're really great (=

  4. Aah ça me remémore de bons souvenirs,
    Superbes photos!



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