vendredi 30 novembre 2012

1. Autumn goodies. All from Zara!  2. Comfy sweaters for Switzerland's weather.
 3. Relax time. Tea + blogging. What else? 4. A few days ago in Portugal. 

INSTAGRAM LOVE. It's been a while since my last Instagram post! Since like .. this summer? Crazy right? Instagram is one of my favorite apps on iPhone and I just love sharing my pictures with people but also looking for some people's pictures. Sometimes I found some just increadible and I'm just like: '' Wow! This could totally be a cover of an album or from a book! ''. People do make some really good pictures! Well, I let you enjoy some of my last ( and very old ) pictures from this summer in Portugal, goodies, New York, Paris and my daily life. Enjoy dolls!

INSTAGRAM LOVE. Ca fait longtemps que je n'ai pas posté un article sur mes photos d'Instagram! Depuis quoi .. cet été? C'est fou non? Instagram est l'une de mes applications préférées sur l'iPhone et j'adore partager mes photos avec les gens mais aussi regarder les photos que les personnes font. Parfois je trouve des photos et je me dis à moi-même: '' Wow! Cette photo pourrait être une photo d'un album ou même d'un livre! ''. Certaines personnes font vraiment de très belles photos! Bon, je vais vous laisser savourer mes dernières ( et très anciennes ) photos de cet été au Portugal, mes nouveautés, New York, Paris et ma vie quotidienne. 

Rafaela G.

 1. Some of my favorite fragrances. 2. New Goodies.
3. Perfect combination from The Body Shop for Christmas time. 4. Me, Myself and I.

 1. New York City by night from the Empire State Building. 2. With Karina.
3. Going back home. That was so sad to leave NYC. 4. Times Square.

 1. Yummy breakfast in New York. 2. Flatiron Building.
3. Earings of real leaves found in one of the streets of New York. 4. Lauren Conrad ''Beauty'' book.

 1. New ring from Madewell. How cute is that? 2. Simon, the craziest cat ever.
3. Breathtaking sunset. 4. I think it's finally time to wear those!

 1. In Annecy at the end of this summer. That's so beautiful! 2. With Emily. It's always so good to see her.
3. The beautiful lady sparkling or my birthday. 4. Rainy day in Switzerland.

 1. Shopping day with little sister. 2. One of Lisbon's best beach.
3. Enjoying the good weather in Lisbon. 4. Lisbon.
 1. Yummy lunch in front of the beach. 2. First evening in Lisbon with a breathtaking sunset.
3. Drink with moderation. 4. Last evening in Porto.

1. Amazing day in Porto. 2. Same.
3. Little trip through Switzerland mountains. 4. Funny faces.

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  1. Great photos! Looks like you've gone on lots of little adventures! haha :)


  2. You guys look great and I love those pictures :)

  3. Such cute pictures, I love all you cozy knits!


    Five Minute Style 

  4. j'adore toutes ces photos qui sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres! :)

  5. Très jolies photos !
    Bises, Lucile

  6. Jolies photos ! l'article est très bien fait aussi :)

  7. Tes photos sont toutes belles !


  8. Vraiment sympa ces photos, vous êtes vraiment jolies :)

  9. awsome pics!!

    tnx so much for stopping by at my spot, really hope to stay in touch! <3


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