dimanche 4 novembre 2012

WHAT A DREAM. As you know, two weeks ago I had the chance to realize one of my dreams: Going to the United States of America. More specifically to New York City. I bet you guys know the song ''Empire State of Mind'' by Alicia Keys and in this song there's a special sentence which is: In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made.  This sentence is actually so true. I was in a real dream. I felt like I was a little girl in a huge candy shop. People there are so friendly, the city has that special thing which makes it more magical, the shops are crazy, the food is so yummy. Well, New York is such a dream city and it's one of the biggest cities I've visited until now where I can totally picture me living there. Who knows? Maybe one day. For know, I let you enjoy some of my pictures ( Believe me, it's just ''some'' because I took over 500 pictures! ) from my travel. 

QUEL REVE. Comme vous le savez, il y a deux semaines, j'ai eu la chance de réaliser un de mes rêves: aller aux Etats-Unis. Plus précisément à New York. Je suis sûre que vous connaissez la chanson ''Empire State of Mind'' d'Alicia Keys et dans cette chanson, il y a une phrase spéciale qui est: In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made. Cette phrase est en fait tellement vraie. J'étais dans un rêve réel. Je me sentais comme une petite fille dans un magasin de bonbons énorme. Les gens là-bas sont incroyablement gentils, la ville a cette particularité qui la rend plus magique, les magasins sont fous, la nourriture est vraiment succulente. Eh bien, New York est une ville de rêve et c'est l'une des plus grandes villes que j'ai visité jusqu'à maintenant où je peux tout à fait m'imaginer y vivre. Qui sait? Peut-être un jour. Pour l'instant, je vous laisse profiter de quelques une des photos ( Croyez-moi, c'est juste ''quelques unes'' car j'ai pris plus de 500 photos! ) de mon voyage.

Rafaela G.

If you guys want to eat such an AMAZING breakfast, go to Brooklyn Diner at the 57th St. 212 West 57th Street (between Broadway and 7th Ave.) 

Thanks to the Holiday Inn Midtown hotel! Such a nice place!

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  1. haha, there was everythign still fine! we came home from nyc today and it was kind of really scary to see half manhattan without light... i'll post the second part of my nyc trip tomorrow... there will also be a pic of dark dark dark manhattan... if you want to check it out! :D

  2. Woow great pictures! NY is really an amazing city!

    Have a nice Sunday!


  3. I am so glad you had such an amazing time in my city, your photos are beautiful!

    and Shoes

  4. New York looks amazing! I'd love to visit one day! You're pictures look amazing!


    Five Minute Style 

  5. Amazing city, love it! and i like the pancake :D makes me hungry :D
    nice post :)

  6. very beautiful photos, looks/sounds like you had a lot of fun!! omg those pancakes look so delicious..

  7. Great pictures♥

    N'hésite pas à passer mon blog. Il y a un concours en ce moment ;)

  8. awesome pics, girl!!! NYC is still in my travel list!! ^_^ xx

  9. Tes photos sont vraiment magnifiques ! (:
    J'espère y aller un jour aussi

  10. love nyc's my dream to go beautiful photos xxx

  11. :O wanna go there!!!! beautiful pictures, looooove em'. xo j.


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