jeudi 3 octobre 2013

AS YOU MAY KNOW London is one of our favourite city in Europe . I mean , how can you not love London ? The people , the food ( yummy Nando's for instance !) , the shops , the atmosphere , everything about London is magical . Let's see with some few pictures what London offer to us at the end of August. Hope you'll like the pictures Dolls !

VOUS LE SAVEZ SUREMENT Londres est l'une de nos villes favorite en Europe . Je veux dire , comment ne voulez ne pas aimer Londres ? Les gens , la nourritures ( miam miam Nando's par exemple!) , les boutiques , l'atmosphère , tout à propos de Londres est magique. Voyons ensemble les photos et ce que Londres nous a offert quand nous y sommes allées à la fin du mois d'Août , j'espère que vous apprécierez les photos les filles!
One of the best place to shop ! / Un des meilleurs endroit pour faire du shopping
Crazyness in Victoria's Secret!
Camden district , incredible place ! / Le quartier de Camden , incroyable endroit!
May I introduce you Big Ben ? / Dois-je vous présenter Big Ben ?
Nothing Hill

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  1. Hey,
    thank you for your lovely comment!
    You have a nice blog, and I voted for it <3

    Christina Klein

  2. Awesome blog, thanks for the comment! Im following you on GFC, and i vote for your blog on the competetion! I wish you luck <3

  3. Just found your blog- I love it!! This is a lovely photo diary and it's cool you like to travel- I've been to London, Paris, Chicago, and Hong Kong as well! I just followed you; if you're interested I'd love it if you could follow me too. Can't wait to see more!!

  4. Amazing pictures!
    Just voted on the blog awards :)
    -xo, Milene from

  5. Nice pictures, great blog ! I just followed you with GFC, follow me back if you wish !

  6. Gotta love LONDON!!!!

    Thank you for commenting my blog :*

    Ichi and Pristan

  7. J'ai vécu 2 ans à Londres, c'est ma ville préférée, merci pour ces jolies photos!
    Mafalda ❤

  8. beautiful beautiful pictures, indeed - love this city! :D

  9. Great photos ;) I'm following you via GFC, if you want you can follow me back :*

  10. You girls always take such beautiful photos!


    Five Minute Style 

  11. Oh, London, I love this city. You can really never get enough of it, can you?! :)
    Lovely blog, great picture, sweet atmosphere :)!


  12. Thank you for visiting my blog, I gave to you my vote :)
    I'm following you and I want to invite you to do this same :)
    Kisses, Shamelessly

  13. London is my favorite city so I love love love every picture of it. Hope I'll see it soon again!

    Daria from

  14. Wonderful pics, wanna visit London so much =)

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  15. Your blog is stunning, love your posts, couldn't resist following you!

  16. Ces photos de Londres sont superbes les filles! Merci pour votre commentaire sur notre blog, ça fait plaisir de voir d'autres personnes qui tiennent un blog à deux :)

    Des bisous,

  17. wow, I love your photography...

  18. Man...London is indeed awesome. I wish I could visit it someday, also Paris!:)

  19. London was always too crowded and loud for me, but your beautiful photos convinced me to give it a second chance :D

    Kisses, Meg

  20. I was in London 2 weeks ago too.
    Your photos capture the city vibe 100%!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  21. Tu as beaucoup de chances d'être allée à Londres, j'aimerai beaucoup moi aussi... :)


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