dimanche 8 avril 2012

HAPPY EASTER! Before starting this post, Emily & myself want to wish you dolls an amazing easter! I hope you had a blast today with your family & that you ate a lot, like us! 
Today's post is about my last day in Berlin. We went to Potsdam, a really cute city near Berlin and I've seriously never seen a cute little city like this one! When you arrive there, you can feel something different, like a really good atmosphere that makes you feel like you're at home. People are so friendly there and the city her-self is so beautiful! 

We started to visit the city very quickly. We decided to make a tour bus around the city and it was really interesting because we had the chance to know a lot more about the city and we even knew that lot of movies have been made there! How cool?

Then we visited the ''Sans Souci''. It's an amazing castle with an amazing view and the place is so peaceful! We stayed a lot there, enjoying the sun and laughing! If you have the chance to go to Potsdam, just go visit this amazing place, you won't regret it!

After a few hours spent in the castle, we decided once again, to go back to the city center to enjoy our last few hours in Potsdam. We enjoyed once again the amazing sun a little hour and it was time to leave that cute little city to return to Berlin where we - unfortunately - leave the day after. 

Rafaela G.

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  1. wow, great pictures :) wish you a happy easter as well!
    and you all are so pretty :D

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  2. Looks like so much fun! I wanna go there too! :)

  3. great photos! love berlin <3<3

  4. Isn't Berlin fun. I hope you're having a good time there. You've taken absolutely amazing photos :) Can't wait to see mroe of your work!

  5. J'adore Berlin! J'y suis allée aussi pour mon voyage d’étude mais je rêve d'y aller entre amies pour voir le cote un peu plus "underground" de la ville ;)
    avez vous été au Zapata? L'endroit que j'ai préféré durant mon cours séjour la bas!
    Les photos sont vraiment très belles!

    A bientôt, xxx

  6. Great photos! Looked like you had fun!

  7. J'étais aussi à Berlin, je n'avais pas eu le temps finalement d'aller à sans-soucis. C'est une ville intéressante car forte en histoire mais que je ne trouve pas belle ni agréable...


  8. comme envie d'y aller soudain!!! ;)


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