mercredi 4 avril 2012


Hello Dolls !  It's been a while I don't post on PTT right ? Gah I miss it ! Tonight I wanted to speak a lil bit about my week end. My parents decided to leave our home for one night and take a break in the north of the France , it's called " Normandie" . It's such a great place to relax yourself and take a rest ! Of course it was really quick but it feel really good to quit the routine even if it's really for a short moment ! Let's see this with some pictures which I took for you dear readers !


 The hotel was very cute with some adorable decorations like this one , there was a LOT of box full of candies , macarons , flowers.. and the atmosphere was really calm , a perfect place to recharge my batteries !

 Isn't it sweet ? I know right !


We did some walk all around the city , even if the weather wasn't really good , we tried to enjoyed the maximum !

After the walk , and the excellent dinner ( I forgot to take pictures of my delicious meals .. Sorry !)  we decided to go to the Casino ! It was a really première for me ! And .. I started to be addictive ! Like , you come and put all your coins on the machine and you getting so much exited , like a baby , when you win ! Seriously .. this was a great evening !


I wore my favourite top from Forever 21 and my earrings too , aren't they cute ?

I talk to you very soon for some news picture of Roma , maybe the sweetest girl called Rafaela will post some other beautiful picture from Berlin ? Who know ? By the way guys , stay tunned on Pretty Tiny Things , for a lot of news. Like you know I will go in Switzerland to see my adorable friend very soon and we decided some great things for the blog !
I wish you a very good end of week , take care of yourself and be on your way if some try to put you down ! Stay strong !


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