vendredi 6 avril 2012

BERLIN, I WANT YOU BACK. Hey dolls! I hope everything's ok you all of you! So here's a brand new post about my trip to Berlin. I still have another post to post about my last day in this wonderful city and I'll post it as soon as possible! I'm finally on holidays and I feel suddenly so good to enjoy it! And the best part of it is to know that Emily is about to come real soon to Switzerland and even if the days that she will spend here are going to pass super faster, I know we're going to have so much fun! I know we aren't posting that much ''Outfits'' post, but we're trying to do our best between school, part-time work and of course the blog! It's not always that easy to find some time for it even if we are enjoying doing it and sharing out little life pleasures with you! But don't worry dolls, lot of outfits posts are about to come! :)

Rafaela G.

For this third day in Berlin, we went to Berlin east where the city is much more ''boho''. The atmosphere there was so good with all those paintings, the shops and of course the huge roads! The weather was getting better and better and it was a real pleasure to walk in this part of the city like that!

After a long walk in the city all the morning, we were all craving to eat something, so we stopped at the mall where we had a little free time for us. With the girls we decided to eat something different so we tried asiatic food! And I've never ate something SO good! The sauce was made with ananas and the combination between ananas and fish made me feel like I was in heaven!

After a huge and such yummy lunch, we went to the ''Fernsehturm'' were we can see a big part of the city! It was amazing to see Berlin at this point of view even if I'm not that fan of heights. 

In the afternoon, we had some free time for us! And guess for which activity? Shopping of course! Berlin's shops are crazy! First, they're SO huge & then, you have lot of differents kind of shops! Next time I'll go to Berlin, I'll take some more time to shop because unfortunately I have not had much time!

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