mercredi 29 février 2012

U know you're only in it , Cuz it's hot right now, hot right now... Oopsie , sorry .. I sing to loud that's it ? All right , today I wanted to talk about music on our blog , because obviously it's about fashion but other things too! And I'm here for the rest ! So let's talk about the lyrics which start the article , it's from the song "Hot Right Now" by Rita Ora.

  Okay guys let me introduce this beautiful women with few words. Rita , 21 years old ,  is signed to Roc Nation . She is from Kosova but based actually in UK. She collaborates with a lot of people : Drake ( she was in his video clip called "Over")  , Jay-Z , Tinnie Temprah , Will.I.Am and many others..

To be honnest , I know this lady because of Bruno Mars (who is one of my favourite singer.. Well he's my fav.) and few months ago there was a rumour about the fact they were dating each other , so yeah , I wanted to know who this lady was . Yes , I'm curious.

And now I'm get over this thing and appreciate her talent , her style ( even if I could never wear her clothes !) , the way she handles it while she's only 21. 

Enough talk right ? Take a look at her songs , here's my favorite songs by Rita Ora , young London girl from Kosovo.

I hope you guys like this article , an another article is coming tonight so stay here !

 Much love , 


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