jeudi 23 février 2012

ALMOST FRIDAY Hello dolls! I hope everything's ok with all of you and that you're are enjoying your week. Tomorrow's finally friday so it means WEEKEND and holidays for me! YES! FINALLY! Even if I'm going to work most of the days, I'll try to take a bit of time to take care of the blog and next post will be an outfit post! Before talking about the post I'm writting right now, Emily and I would like to thank you a lot! More than 3000 views here in less than a month that's increadible for us and for that THANK YOU DOLLS! 
Let's finally talk about this post. Since I have my new Iphone I have such a HUGE addiction to Instagram. For the ones that have no idea what is it, it's a free application for Iphone which you can share your pictures with the world and change them a bit. So yeah, I decided to show you some of my last pics taken with that application. I hope you'll enjoy seeing some of my '' habituals activities' day '' like shopping, the views of my travels ( Well, you can only see the Paris part and OMG I miss that city to dead and of course my girls. ) but also some of my goodies. And of course, don't forget to follow Emily instagram: emilyypx. And mine too: rafaelagama.
Enjoy dolls and take care of you! xoxo

            Rafaela G.

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  1. Love all your pictures!!


  2. hey, thanks for your comment! yes I'll follow you =)

  3. thanks for your comment darling and i will like us to follow each other on GFC,cheers

  4. Jolie photo :D j'adore le petit chat ;)

  5. thanks for your comment! of course we can follow each other. your blog is really cute by the way. love the instagram pictures

    X, Annie

  6. thanks for your lovely comment <3

    sweet blog :)


  7. Tanks a lot for your lovely comment :)
    Your pictures Look great and you Blog is very good!

    Ok, let´s follow each other ;)
    Start now, waiting for you!

  8. Thanks for your comments. Yeah, I like your blog also very much. i´m up for it! Let´s follow each other. :)
    chezlafille. :D

  9. Thanks for your comment!
    Of course we can follow each other, I really like your blog!xx

  10. Nice photos! Your name written in arabic looks great! It would be an amazing tattoo:)

  11. i love your blog <3 so cute!

    cupcake and berries

  12. you have a really nice blog and you're such a beaut :) for sure, we can follow each other, dear!



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