dimanche 5 février 2012

Our adorable hotel room !

 London Town .. What a beautiful city ! My first trip out of France by myself with this special girl who mean a lot : Rafaela ! We party a bit after Bruno Mars show but .. we'll keep it for us !

 Even the alcool wasn't good lol ..


 I tried to catch Big Ben too..

 Oh yes , I was scared by this crazy birds too.. lol

Our view from the hotel .. lovelove

 We did some shopping !
 We took the "Tube"
 Beautiful baby..

We felt in love with "Nando's" ;)

And we saw this dude too.. But this is an another adventure ;) 
And it was time to leave this beautiful city...

My trip to Roma will be postponed
Emily P.

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  1. Salut c'est moi :) I love London so much!! And I like your blog too! I'd just like to see more photos of your own here :)
    xx Maria


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