dimanche 5 février 2012

Hey Dolls! Here's a brand new post about some of my ''new'' goodies. Actually, most of them are old goodies. The fact? Is that I need to save some money for some of my holidays this year and mostly for one in particulary which is one of my biggest dreams ever: New York City. But we'll talk about this later! So yes, I didn't buy anything new this year, how sad right? But next month I'm going to have a huge shopping fever in Berlin! ( Oh another thing that we'll talk real soon dolls! ) 
About the post, those are some goodies that I bought in London & on internet. In the first pictures you can see the famous Lauren Conrad's book '' L.A. Candy '' that I can't wait to read but with school and everything, I can't really find some time to read it, but I'll find some for sure! The top is from Zara and I felt in love when I saw it! I couldn't resist to purchase it! Then I bought those comfy pants by Hollister! And when I say comfy, that's because they REALLY are! I live on them those last few days! Next picture are my beloved Uggs that I bought in my trip in London last October with Emily. When I first saw this ''Victoria's Secret'' bag I thought '' C'mon Rafaela, you already have tons of bags, another one? ''. But I thought this could be such a good thing for summer! The bag is huge and I can put everything I want inside so yes, I truly think I made a good purchase! Next goodies are this beautiful trench, my UO shirt and my Melinda Maria Ring. The last two pictures aren't really a purchase, it's more a gift from my father and I'm madly in love with it! Hope you like the pictures dolls and enjoy your day!

                                                                                                                                                 Rafaela G.

Pictures 1; 2; 3; 4: Zara Top & Lauren Conrad book
Pictures 5; 6: Hollister pants
Picture 7: UGG boots
Pictures 8; 9: Victoria's Secret bag
Pictures 10; 11: Unknown brand. Purchased on eBay
Picture 12: Truly Madly Deeply shirt. ( Urban Outfitters )
Picture 13: Melinda Maria Pod ring
Pictures 14; 15: Louis Vuitton bracelet

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  1. I love your Zara knit and the trench!! You will love Lauren's book!



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