vendredi 17 février 2012

WEEKEND! Finally, the weekend is finally here, even if tomorrow I'm going to work all day. ( Yes, I have a little part-time work after school & saturdays & that' the only way for me to save some money. ) But anyway, at least I can take some time for me and that's what I made today. And the best time that I can have is to do some shopping! Today I had such a big shopping fever and that's was so good to have all those bags in my hands. ( But not that good for my card haha. )
So today I went to H&M, Zara and Naf Naf where I found some goodies as you can see in the pictures below. And of course, I couldn't leave town without some fashion/people magazines. Oh and about the last pictures, can you guess where am  going in less than nine months? Yes. To the Big Apple. I can't believe I finally decided to take those plane tickets to one of my dreams' city. I can't wait to visit New York and if you have any good adresses, don't hesitate to share dolls!
With that, I wish you all an amazing weekend and lot of hugs! Muah!

                                                                                                                                  Rafaela G.

( My hair looks like it's red but it's not at all. )

Picture 1: Zara scarf & Naf Naf hat
Pictures 2;3;4: Zara jacket
Picture 5: H&M & Naf Naf top
Picture 6: H&M top & shorts
Pictures 7;8;9: Zara cardigan & H&M cardigan
Picture 10: Vogue, Glamour & Public magazines
Picture 11: All in one.

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  1. Wow you got the cutest things- love that leather jacket! Lovely post :)

    XX Kathryn

  2. I love all the new purchase, can't wait to see them in outfit posts!!! And so exciting you have New York booked!


  3. Lovely jacket :) I want it.



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