dimanche 25 mars 2012

ICH BIN EIN BERLINER. Hey dolls! As you can see, I'm finally back from my trip to Berlin and I have only one word to say about this city: WOW. I went three or four years ago there but I couldn't remember that Berlin was so incredible. That's because maybe this time, I was with the right persons so I think it changes the atmosphere. We were lucky, because the weather was really good. Well, maybe not the first day, but the others, I felt like I was in summer! I made more than 500 pictures but unfortunately, I can't put them all here, so I chose some of the greatest to show you all a bit of the beauty and historical background of this wonderful city. Ready? Let's start this first day!

Some of you should probably know this monument. It's the Branderburger Tor. One of the most visited monuments in Berlin. It's located at the west of the city and it's just truly beautiful.

We also went to the Memorial to the murdered Jews in Europe in the Second World War. It's like a labyrinth but with a significance. Every different centimeters' slab represent a murdered Jew and when you look at them, you really feel uncomfortable because theirs colors and their height. 

 Another historical monument is the Wall of Berlin. Most of you know the story of the Wall but we can't really realize how horrible it has been. But when you see the power of the wall and the height of it you feel like a little child and suddenly realize that people just wanted to see the people they love and they tried crazy things to do just to go to the other part of the city .. Can you realize one day wake up and see a big wall of three meters in front of you?

Then, we made a little stop at a Mall to take some energy and we decided to eat something. It looks so yummy right?

After the Mall and our filled stomaches and went to the Checkpoint Charlie where we visited the Museum to understand a little bit more about the story of the Wall and of course to see some crazy experiances that some people did to see their beloved family on the other side of the city. We also saw a beautiful church near our hotel and as you can see on the pictures, the weather wasn't that good the first day, but fortunately for us, it didn't rain.

At the end of the afternoon, we went to the famous ''Madame Tussauds'' where we could see lot of celebrities made with wax. It was the first time for me and when I saw it, I was like '' Wow, are they true?'' because it looks so real and I was always so afraid that they could suddenly move.

To end of first - long - day in Berlin, we decided to eat at a typical berlin restaurant. The place was so friendly and was situated under a bridge and sometimes we could hear the train. The food was delicious and I couldn't resist to take the ''Curry Wurst'' which is a sausage with curry, a speciality from Berlin. If one day you go to Berlin, I recommend you the ''Nolle'' restaurant. 

I hope you liked my first post from Berlin and some more are coming soon! And by the way, I want to thanks Emily for the amazing job she did with the blog while I was in Germany. Have you seen the little changes? The add the ''Instagram'' links!

Rafaela G.

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  1. Je trouve que Obama, Romy Schneider et Marilyn Monroe sont mal fait... Par contre, Jack Sparrow fait limite vrai ! Les autres, ça passe à peu près. Tes photos sont très jolies en tout cas, les premières photos de ton séjour donnent envie. :)

  2. Je suis jalouse de tes cheveux, vraiment!

  3. Great photos! Looks like you are having a great time!!

  4. what a nice trip ! :)jealous of you :)))

  5. Great Pictures. I love Berlin!

  6. It looks like you had an amazing trip!! I love seeing all the pictures from all your travels!


  7. Thanks for your comment in my blog. I like your blog also - let's follow each other?


  8. Im glad you liked your trip to berlin!! Ive always seen this city as very artsy and with the most amazing buildings!! Love the pics from madame tusauds (its my fave museum to go in london)! Need to go to Berlin too!! :)
    Much love, Gabriele. xx


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