dimanche 4 mars 2012

A WALK ALONG THE CITY First of all, Happy Sunday dolls! As you can see, my mom and myself did a little walk along the city with this beautiful weather and even if the shops are closed, we decided to take a little look at it. There's so many beautiful things to buy and I wanted to enter in every kind of shop and buy most of the things. But unfortunately I couldn't. First because the shops were closed and then because I need to save lot of money until next month. Those two next months are going to be pretty busy. Next week I'm going to see a close friend who's coming from Paris with her parents and in two weeks and a half I'm going abroad with school. ( I'll let you know as soon as possible dolls! ). And next month is going to be such a great month. Emily is coming in Switzerland for a week and I planned lot of things to do that we will share with you of course! And I can't forget school! As you can see, there's no pictures of my entire outfit. The reason? My mom is so bad doing pictures! Haha! I swear, everytime she tries, the picture comes blurry. So I put three little pics but at least show you a little preview of my outfit of the day. I'm so sorry girls because I really wanted to show you it! I wish you all an amazing week! 

Rafaela G.


H&M top
H&M Jeans
H&M Jacket
Dolce Vita bag
Joie boots

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  1. Tout est parfait, je veux tout !

  2. Love your bag, it's such a pretty colour. Love bright coloured bags, they always liven up an outfit!

  3. It looks so gorgeous where you live!! I love those Zara shoes in the window! and your outfit is super cute as always!


  4. Gorgeous pictures! <3


  5. Ton sac rouge est juste adorable. J'aime, j'aime j'aime. Et les chaussures noires et beige.. Je les veux!=)

    PS: Viens voir mon blog.


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