vendredi 2 mars 2012

 Hello Girls ! I hope you doing well.. Today it's time to talk about this thing which come to my letterbox! Yes , it's a gift from the firm "Glossy Box". The theme of this box is " Wellbeing instant" there's other themes like "make up" or something  - btw these one are my fav !-

A quick presentation of what you can found on this box : 

Picture 1: What a lovely presentation isn't it ?

Picture 2:There's 5 products on the box , the number of the products depends on the box !

Picture 3: This is my favourite thing on the box : I didn't know this brand "Bell" but know I do ! This foundation is so light , I really appreciate the perfume and the fact when you put it on your face it's subtle and nice !

Picture 4: Well  for this one I don't know how to presents it. It's not a pill , it's not a medication. It's more a complement thing for make your hair more stronger and your nails too. I'll try it and I will tell you if it's work !

Picture 5: I didn't try this one yet but it's a kind of ointment for my skin

Picture 6 : This is for damage hair .. It's not at all my case but I will try it very soon for see the results !

Picture 7 : This cream is to complete the needed of my skin of water , I need to try it too !

What about you guys ? Did you ever try a "Glossy Box" ? Kisses , 

Emily P.

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