dimanche 18 mars 2012

Happy Sunday Dolls ! I'm back from Italy and .. I have a lot of things to tell you , that's why I will post differents articles not the same day about my trip ! First I want to emphazise the real beauty of this country. I traveled in different European country but never in the southest. So I discover a warm country , by the weather and by the people.
 This was a school trip , this is the first time for me : travelling with classmates and teachers. We're almost 50 so it's was not really easy to move by yourself and at the end of the trip it get on my nerves.. But hey , I had the chance to visit a beautiful country so let's talk about it with few commentary under each pictures!

I exactly remember this day : We went to the Vatican. Near Roma. I'm not religious or something but this place is extremely beautiful and .. I saw the Pope , Benoit XVI. I remember the turmoil and the joy of religious people out there when then saw the Pope. I was just sat on the Vatican's floor and think about this incredible moment.. I mean , do you really see the Pope everyday ? It was an amazing moment. I will talk more abou the Vatican in other articles and post a lot of beautiful picture of inside of the Basillic. And write about crazy adventure here ;) !

 At Ostie Antica was the port of ancient Rome. A site still in excavations, a place enought preserved to allow, via its vestiges, its history and its art, to plunge few moments in Roman antiquity.

A friend and I ( at the right)

I'm sure you know it guys. If not I will explain a bit  : this is a wolf who raised Remulus and Remus , this is the symbole of Roma ( but you can find it to in Greece)

 What about a tourist picture ?

 One of my favourite !

 Coliseo , you have to see it when you come in Roma !

 Inside of the Coliseo ! This is where the Gladiators fought again each other , they have 2 solutions : live or death.

 The Roma Forum , a lot of Antic things here. Not my favourite place thought.

I met a lovely horse near The Capitol , you can find them all around the city !

Gorgeous isn't it ?

Happy girl in Ostie ! Amazing antica theater !

Another pictures will come later , plus the lovely Rafaela will go in Berlin next week so travel is our word for Pretty Tiny Things ! Did I mention next month I'm going in Switzerland to see her ?
Have a great week Dolls ! Take care of yourself !


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  1. Tes photos m'ont rappelé de bons souvenirs que j'ai eu là bas quand je suis partie avec ma classe. Tous les endroits qui sont sur tes photos, je m'en rappelle ! Ville magnifique, il faut le dire. ( je serai tentée de te remercier de m'avoir fait revivre mon petit voyage avec quelques -très jolies- photos. ) J'attends la partie suivante avec impatience !

  2. wow! its very interesting! and your photos very beautiful!

  3. This must have been so much fun! Love your sunnies!

  4. Stunning pictures! :) You must have had such a great time there, i'm so jealous! x


  5. I went to Rome last summer and I loved it there!! You're pictures are so beautiful, makes me want to go back!


  6. Waou très très belles photos les filles ! Ca donne envie d'y aller


  7. superbes photos !
    Ca me rappelle mon voyage a Rome avec mon frère et ma soeur, j'avais bien aimé ! de bons souvenirs !
    Merci de nous partager tes photos !

  8. i totally love rome! it's a great place to be! i think everybody has to visit rome for minimum one time in his life!

    love, leenchen


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