samedi 3 mars 2012

MONTHLY WISHLIST As I told you in my last ''Wishlist'' post, I'm gonna do every month a new wishlist. In my last one, I had the chance to have one of the pieces that I wanted. The Zara scarf. It's truly amazing! But I'm also thinking about getting the ''Vero Moda'' shirt, because I felt in love with it and unfortunately, in the Vero Moda of my town, the shirt is sold out. My bad right? So this month, I'm such in a ''clear colors'' mood. The weather in Switzerland is getting better and better and I don't feel like I'm in winter anymore. That's why I chose this amazing skirt from River Island that make me wanna be in summer even faster! I think this Romwe shirt would totally fit with the skirt! It looks so fluffy! About the accessories, I'm just dying to get my hands one day in this amazing Celine bag. When I saw it first in some bloggers, I didn't like it at all, but more the days are passing, more I want it in my closet! I mean, it can go with everything and for every occasion. Travel, everyday's life, shopping, restaurant time .. Who knows, maybe one day? :) About the shoes, I'm just craving with those Zara heels. They look so comfortable don't they? And who doesn't dream about this amazing Yves St Laurent ring and those RayBan clubmaster? 
I wish you all an amazing saturday evening and a new post is coming soon written by Emily! I bet it's going to be awesome!

Rafaela G.

6 commentaires

  1. I am in love with the Celine bag and ring too! I wish I could afford them!! I love the Zara shoes too, I hope they go on sale!


  2. I love all of your choices! I'm in love with that YSL ring :')


  3. Those Zara heels are insane!

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