samedi 3 mars 2012

What a great afternoon ! I hope it's was the same for you Dolls ! As you can see on the title of the article today I did shopping .. Actually at the begining of the year there was a Forever 21 which open near to my town but I only went there today. I already went to Forever 21 when I was in London on October and I think this is one of my favourite shop , I think the clothes are amazing and with them you can have a great style. Let's see what I get today !

  This is one of my favourite thing ever : tea. This one is particulary delicious it called "Mariage Frères" here the website if you want to buy delicious tea , belive me this the place !

  Home made cookie and delicious tea , what's better ?

 This gorgeous top is from "Cache Cache" I don't usually like this shop but I got a discount on this shop so I had to find something cute and when I saw this top , I couldn't resist. It's simple ,  bloose fitting and nice to wear ! 

I heard talked a lot about this brand " Kiko" so I decided to try some products from this brand ! 

 A couple of nice earring from Forever 21 !

 This is a nice cardigan from Forever 21 , I choose it because I think it is perfect for the spring/summer , this cardigan is light to wear and cute isn't it ?

This is THE crush of my shopping day. I'm totally in love with this adorable top from F21 ! First , I love the coulor , I think it's perfect for the sunny day or for a party : because it's transparent so it's a kind of "sexy touch" ;) Then it's perfect with my River Island high heels , black jeans ..!

I wanted this thing for a while ! I explain it : it's a "distributor" of perfume by a candle ,it's an amazing thing : it  smells good and it's pretty ! Perfect ! // I choose the Vanilla perfume , my favourite!

Have a great Saturday night , see you tomorrow for a new post ! xoxo


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  1. Love all your F21 purchases!!


  2. Aww you lucky girl! So many great purchases, i love the pink blouse, it's perfect for spring :)


  3. Great purchases :)

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