dimanche 11 mars 2012

SUNDAY FUNDAY Before starting this post, I want you dolls to know that Emily went to Rome today so we won't have any news of her until the end of next week, but stay tuned because a lot of new posts are coming from her about her amazing trip to that wonderful city! 
Today,  one of my closest friends from Paris, Lucie, came to visit my family and myself with her family. And it was SO GOOD to spend some time with her. We decided to show a little part of Switzerland to her family as they didn't know what Switzerland looks like. So we went to Montreux, an amazing city near the lake and guess what girls?  The weather was just STUNNING! The sun was shinning, lot of people were out and the atmosphere was really great. But unfortunately, all good things have an end and my friend and her cute family returned back to France. How sad right? I wish I could have all these amazing girls who are far away from me so close to me. But I always say to myself that next time we'll have so much fun and it's always good to see them some time after. You know, the excitment to see them once again.
About my outfit, as you can see, it's some of my last new goodies. Everytime I shop, I can't resist to wear the new things in the same week. So, that's what I did!

Rafaela G.

Zara Shirt
Zara Jeans
H&M Blazer
Dolce Vita Bag
Chez Eva Boots
Louis Vuitton Bracelet

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  1. Your blazer looks so great on you, love the colour! I only wish the weather here was as beautiful as in these pictures!

  2. Beautiful pictures :)that blazer looks so great on you <3

  3. Gorgeous pictures, awww Emily is so lucky to be able to go to Rome! :)


  4. you two are so adorable. i envy Em for travelling to Rome! I visited Rome for only one day and definitely wish i had more time in the city :( i love your blazer!


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  6. Beautiful pictures makes me want to come there :)

  7. Where do you find these candles? They look absolutely amazing!

  8. J'ai une prof de fac qui a le même haut je l'enviais!! maintenant je sai d'ou il vient!

    Katy FROM

  9. I love your jacekt! the bag is great!
    best regards, Natalie


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