mercredi 7 mars 2012


 Hello Dolls ! The article of today is about music : yesterday I went to Julian Perretta's show in Paris ,actually I'm not a big fan of him , I don't even know the lyrics of his song but I think it's always nice to see singers performing! Plus going to concerts is one of my favourite hobbies !

 "Opera" in Paris is one of my favourite district !

My friend , Joelle , came especially from Toulouse - south of France- because she also won a ticket for the show! I had a great time with her , so many laughs!


About the show : it was really cool , not really the type of music which I listen to but , some of his songs are great : Wonder Why , Generation X , and he did a cover of "I got a move like Jagger" , it was really cool !

I enjoyed the concert , particulary at the end . Julian took the time to sat really close to his fans , it is the first time I see an artist doing this , but I think for the fans it was a great moment !

 When I went to bed this night I thought : L'Olympia is a very special venue , I always have fun there and keep a lot of great memories ! I was happy to win this ticket and have a great evening with my friend !

What about you guys ? Do you like/know Julian Perretta ? 

Emily P.

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  1. thanks for your comment! :) I don't know him, but he looks good :D I like going to concerts, too :)


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