mercredi 28 mars 2012

THE WAY I MISS BERLIN Since two days, I can't stop looking to my pictures from my trip and smiling like a fool because all the memories. I really miss Berlin. I miss laughing everyday with my school mates, the little cozy hotel, the weather, the people there and of course the city. So today's post is about my second day in Berlin. As you can see with the pictures, the weather was so much better than the first day and I totally felt like I was in summer. I wanted to take off my booties and to exchange it with some sandals and ballerinas. But of course, weather can be so tricky sometimes. You know, you always think the weather is good and you're suddenly with my T-shirt and sandals but at the end of the day, you're starting to feel so sick. Fortunately for me ( but not for some people in my class ) I'm lucky to be ok with my health. 

Rafaela G.

So for this second day, we went to the Reichstag. ( The government parliament ) where we went to see the dome. It's so really beautiful because it was made with glass and we cloud see a big part of Berlin. But to return, it was not great. We had to be controlled. We had to show our bags and our Identity Card or passport. No luck for me, I forgot my card at the hotelso I showed my student card and at I was very lucky because normally I wasn't able to pass!

After the visit, we went for a little walk in the park near the parliament. And guess what? I saw Sarkozy, the president from France. Actually, I didn't really saw him, but I saw lot of police cars around a black Mercedes and my German teacher told me that she saw him inside the car. How cool right?

The weather was so good that we decided to stay a little bit near the river to enjoy some sun. It was so god to feel it on out skin.

In the afternoon, we went to two different museums. The first one was the Pargamon museum, where we can find lot of historical monuments as you can see in the first pictures. It was crazy to see it and say to yourself that those monuments have several years. Have you seen the ''blue'' monument with the lions? can you guess how old it is? More than 5000 years! Crazy right?
The second museum ( which I can't really remember the name ) is the one where we can see Nefertiti's bust. I tried to take a picture of it, but it was impossible. Many securities were looking at us so we couldn't take any picture of it but I have one thing to say: It was beautiful! I love Egyptian culture and seeing it was just incredible!

To end our day, we had some free time and we spent it visiting a little part of the city. But we were too tired to we decided to go to our hotel. At night, we went to a club in Berlin, where we start celebrating the birthdays of two people from my class. It was really good! But the adventure isn't done! ;)

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